Working With Car Insurance Adjusters To Repair Your Car After An Accident

Your car is something that you depend on to get you everywhere so that you can do what you need and want to do. Whether it is going to work, taking the kids to soccer practice, or heading to the market for groceries, you use your car daily. When your car has been in an accident, you need to get it repaired as quickly as possible so that you can get back to doing all of the things you need to do.Because there are a number of different of automotive repair shops, you will need to determine which one you need, based on the type of damage that was done to your car. You could take your car to a dealership, repair chain, or an independent shop. If you have a newer car that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you would probably be better off taking the car to the dealership where the parts will be available and they are more likely to honor the warranty.Sometimes, car insurance adjusters will suggest a particular mechanic’s shop for you to have your repairs done. Often, this is because the shop agrees to do the insurance repairs for less than other places charge, which helps the insurance company. In return, the insurance company refers all their clients to them if an accident occurs. These shops may be reputable, but sometimes they cut corners in order to save costs since they are charging less for the repairs. It is up to you to do your due diligence to check out the shop before simply agreeing to take your car there.Once you have selected a shop, you will want to understand the different terms that will be on the estimate. For instance, you will want to know if they are repairing something or replacing it. There are some portions of the estimate that will be discretionary while other items are standard. For instance, if the passenger side panel needs to be replaced, the mechanic will go to his book and look up how much time it will take to do that particular repair and include it on the estimate. The car insurance adjuster will have the same standardized book and should be able to find the same numbers, so there should not be any problems with standardized items.However, a dent repair is not standard and the number of hours required to repair it will be discretionary, based on how long the mechanic things it will take for the repair. This is where it can be a little frustrating to deal with the car insurance adjuster if he does not come up with the same amount of time. For instance, if the mechanic thinks it will take 5 hours and the insurance adjuster only thinks it will take 3. There will have to be a compromise, and hopefully the insurance will work it out directly with the mechanic, although sometimes you may have to step in to help with the negotiations. Once you receive a quote from the mechanic and it is accepted by the insurance adjuster, you can proceed with the repairs and hopefully be up and running again soon.